Tired of the rat race activities that are leaving you exhausted and worn down?

Worried you can’t take a break because everything you have worked for will come tumbling down?

Do you feel people are only seeing you for your accomplishments and not who you truly are?

 All your hard work has gotten you where you are, but at what cost to your authentic self? 

Others may view you as a hard worker and a go-getter, and someone who always gets the job done. You and I both know, when you look closer under the surface, is the stress, overwhelmed, and unhappiness that leaves you unfulfilled.  

If you were to be truly honest with yourself, how happy are you? 

You Need to Come First...

So how can you serve others at your highest potential if you are constantly overworked, exhausted and depleted? 

How much more potential for growth, for success, for connection could you have if you don’t stop to put yourself first? 

How will you reach your next big business milestones or even maintain healthy relationship if you are already pouring from an empty cup? 

You are your own best asset!
Are you ready to invest yourself? 

Dr. Asha Prasad

Dr. Asha Prasad

I specialize in working with high achievers who feel unfulfilled, overwhelmed, and lost.  I work with them to feel more confident, peaceful, and shift their perspectives to benefit all areas of their lives.

By addressing and shifting their perspective, this approach moves you from a victim of circumstance to a joyful creator of your life. The Prasad Method ™ puts you in control of your own life and experiences while offering you the tools and the support you need to embrace real, lasting transformational change.

It's about gaining the tools and knowledge to rediscover your true self, that has full capacity to pursue and reach your goals at your highest potential! 

Awaken Your Inner Peace and Happiness

Reclaim, reconnect and re-energize your life in 30 days!

I get it, your busy! This course is designed to maximize the benefits with minimal time commitment of only 15 minutes a day through email sent directly to your inbox

Entertaining and knowledge dense lessons with a short activity will empower you to take small  steps that add up to big gains in your life, work and relationships! 

Weekly topics to pave your success path: It all starts with you!  


Week One: Happiness

What is happiness really?

We uncover how to see happiness as not something you find, but a skill you practice so that you can reap the physical and emotional gains happiness brings to your health, work and life.

Awaken Happiness

Week Two: Gratitude

Gratitude creates abundance.

If you are working to create more in your life, you must understand and implement this practice in your life.

I’ll show you how!

Week Three: Peace

More than a line on a bumper sticker, peace is inner stillness that allows you to be present in a current moment.

We talk about how this essential practice that counterbalances the busy workload and over scheduled to-do list so that you can fill your cup while tackling your ambitious goals!

Week Four: Reflection

Just as you do a debrief after a big work project, reflection allows you to connect with an experience and process through it so that you can pull key lessons that allow for your continued growth.

After this program, you will have the tools and strategies to create authentic alignment in your personal and business life so that you can find true happiness and success in all aspects of your life.



Included for a limited time: 3 Ways to Calm the Mind

This training focuses on daily practices you can use to effectively calm you mind amidst the noise and distractions of lives filled with work, family, technology, and daily challenges.


I barely have time for hot coffee, how do I have 15 minutes?

​Exactly! How are you going to survive at this pace, with all the expectations and responsibilities on your shoulders!

I know you can manage a lot; you already have… but sooner or later something will break, or you may just break… then what?

This course is designed for you in mind to reclaim your time, your life and start getting back to YOU!

  • Entertaining learning based in both scientific and spiritual practices.
  • Simple to implement-Less than 15 minutes day
  • Supported guidance- you’re not alone in this struggle
  • Proven steps to success from the inside out! 

Creating the space to spend 15 minutes each day on this material will allow you to become more productive, a better leader and optimize results in your work after clearing the mental clutter that has been holding you back in work and life.

To be the best leader at work or to be the best in your relationships, you must be at your best self to have the capacity not only survive but thrive in what you do!

If not for yourself, you owe it to them to be at your best!

Ready to awaken your inner peace and happiness!


Greatly gain clarity

"Before working with Dr. Asha, I was struggling with juggling my family, new corporate position and all the demands that come along with that. I felt lost and was searching for the ability to be able to bring more balance in my life. Dr. Asha helped me greatly gain clarity, learn to trust my own intuition and be able to incorporate presence and joy in my  daily life. 

thank you!

- Cathy C.O.O.


Learned how to find the confidence I needed

"I ventured out into the entrepreneur world with little to no experience and found myself very quickly feeling overwhelmed and completely stressed out. Its exactly what I was trying to get away from by being an employee but did not know how to do it.  Dr. Asha helped me find the answers within myself and I learned how to find the confidence to build my company and to become a better leader.  Her coaching and guidance helped me gain much more peace in my life and business than I have ever had. 

to build my company and to become a better leader.  Her coaching and guidance helped me gain much more peace in my life and business than I have ever had." 

- Doug, Entrepreneur


Rediscover & Connect with My True Self

"I was referred to Dr. Asha from a friend, but more for stress related health issues. She assisted me in finding the balance on a physical and mental level. I learned to rediscover and reconnect with my true self and true purpose."

- Miranda- Manager

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